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I'm Apostle Derrick Morant.

Fun facts:

I love all things Ohio State Football.

I play the saxophone.

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My Story

(Apostle) Derrick Ray Morant is a native of Mansfield, Ohio. He accepted Christ at the age of 15. This was followed by his receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and sensing the call of God on his life, at the same age. He, however did not accept and walk in his call as pastor until 1992.

Apostle graduated from Mansfield Malabar High School and attended Ohio State University and North Central Tech. He is currently the senior pastor of Higher Ground Church, a church founded by he and his wife in 1993. The church is located in Fostoria, Ohio. They also founded New Dimension Church, Cleveland, Ohio, (pastors John and Charlotte Laird) and EpiCenter Church, Columbus, Ohio (pastor, Charlotte Barnett). He is overseer of eight churches and one ministry, all based in Ohio.

Apostle Morant is known for his humble spirit, his prophetic voice, and his incredible insight and revelation of the Word of God. He has pastored for the past 32 years and has operated as an Apostle for the last 24 years. Ordained as a pastor by Bishop Michael Pitts, Toledo, Ohio and confirmed as an Apostle by the late Apostle Joseph Sims, Riverside, California.

Married to his wife, (Prophetess) Tonee Morant, of 35 years, they reside in Columbus, Ohio. Together they have four children, ten grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.


I'm Prophetess Tonee Morant.

Fun Facts:

My favorite color is purple.

Not that you would guess, but I love to shop!

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My Story

(Prophetess) Tonee Morant, a native of Fostoria, Ohio has been an ordained minister for over 30 years. She began as an Elder in the AME Church and was eventually given the position of Assistant Pastor. She met her husband in 1987 and they married in 1988 after receiving a prophetic word from God that He was putting them together to do a great work.

In 1993 she and her husband left the AME church, under the leading of the Holy Spirit and founded Higher Ground Ministries. She operates beside her husband as one of the founding pastors, she is also executive administrator. They have since, also birthed two other churches; one that is now in Cleveland, Ohio (New Dimension Church) and in Columbus, Ohio (Epicenter Church).

Since establishing HGM with her husband she has also founded her own ministry for women. Tonee Morant Ministries is a ministry that focuses on empowering women to live and empowering women to life through conferences, summits, retreats, and fellowships centered around a holistic impartation of Word, the power and the Spirit of the living God!

Under her husband's headship as an Apostle she has been released as a Prophetess to the body of  Christ and operates under a keen prophetic anointing as a seer and visionary.

If asked her passion and purpose she would say; to empower women and provide a place and space for them to be healed and made whole by the power of God. She also works to mentor and offer platforms through which women can find their voice.

 Prophetess Tonee and her husband have been blessed by God with 4 children, 10 grandchildren, godchildren, spiritual grandchildren and a host of spiritual sons and daughters.  


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